Welcome to our cutting-edge Application Security Platform, the solution to your organization's complex vulnerability management challenges.

If your software development process is burdened by the demands of multiple scan reports or if your cybersecurity professionals are overwhelmed with interpreting test results, our platform is here to streamline your security efforts and optimize your application security program.
The StarcSec unified platform merges ASOC (Application Security Orchestration and Correlation) with ASPM (Application Security Posture Management) to address application security challenges through automation and workflows. This platform offers a simplified perspective on how application security risks affect business operations.

Why Choose Us?

1. Streamlined Scanning

Say goodbye to tool complexity as our platform allows anyone in your organization to initiate scans effortlessly.

2. Timing is Everything

Define trigger events, such as code changes or shifts in application risk profiles, to ensure your scans are always aligned with your development phases.

3. Seamless Integration

No more manual back-and-forth - our platform automates this process for you.

4. Prioritization for Maximum Impact

Our prioritization algorithm correlates findings across various parameters, ensuring you tackle what truly matters.

5. Centralized Insights

Access a consolidated dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of all application security activities and risks across your organization.

6. Scan History and Intelligence

Our machine learning capabilities provide intelligent alerts, insights, and proactive breach prevention.

7. Secure by Design

Revamp your security strategy, optimize resource utilization, and expand your application security coverage.

8. Risk Management

Stop chasing defects and focus on what's business-critical, all while managing risks effectively.

How Does The StarcSec Platform Work

Are you ready to make security a strategic advantage, not a burden?

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