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Our innovative solutions, ASOC (Application Security Orchestration and Correlation) and ASPM (Application Security Posture Management), empower organizations to take their security strategies to the next level.


Centralized Risk Management: Gain a unified view of application security risk customized to your organization's unique parameters. Starcsec serves as the single source of truth for all security-related data. Automated Scanning: Enjoy continuous and automated scanning for web, mobile, source code, and cloud environments. This ensures that your security is always up to date and robust. User-Friendly Scanning: ASOC is designed for both security experts and non-experts. Even non-security personnel can initiate scans with ease, eliminating the need for specialized knowledge. Strategic Testing: Run the right tests at the right time, thanks to our DevSecOps automation. This ensures that your security efforts are aligned with your development phases. Seamless Integration: ASOC offers bi-directional communication with ticketing systems like Jira, streamlining issue reporting and tracking.


Coverage Evaluation: Measure the extent of security controls in place, helping you identify gaps in your defenses. Defect Metrics: Quantify and measure defect reports to gain insights into vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your applications. Efficient Remediation: ASPM helps organizations measure the effectiveness of the remediation process, ensuring that security issues are addressed promptly. Vulnerability Correlation: Utilize multi-parameter vulnerability correlation to identify and prioritize the most critical security issues. Centralized Insights: Access a consolidated dashboard that spans your entire organization, providing a comprehensive overview of your security posture. Access Control: Implement segregation of access and duties, enhancing security and control over your security operations.


In the realm of application security, two primary challenges stand out. The first challenge is the inundation of complex vulnerability reports, which constantly overwhelm application engineers. These reports originate from various phases of the software development lifecycle, making them hard to manage. The second challenge involves the significant time investment in routine, low-value tasks.

Additionally, the reliance on cybersecurity experts for interpreting security test results further complicates the process. The lack of contextual knowledge within development teams results in struggles to meet remediation deadlines.


These challenges have tangible consequences. First and foremost, there is a high risk of missing critical issues without timely remediation. Furthermore, a resource bottleneck is created, as each tool used demands cybersecurity expertise.

The consequences extend to production delays, impacting business operations, and the proliferation of multiple redundant tickets for the same issues during each scan. This creates a situation where there is limited visibility into the overall security coverage and posture across the organisation.

Don't let vulnerabilities go unnoticed, and don't waste valuable time on routine tasks. Take action today to fortify your application security, improve your remediation processes, and ensure a more efficient, secure, and collaborative future for your organisation.

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