Discover the Unprecedented Application Security Management System You've Been Missing

Intelligent. Precise. Proactive

Eliminate security barriers to effectively connect and assess risks while streamlining your security processes, enabling faster and more secure product delivery

How Can You Benefit With Us?

The one-stop solution for identifying, prioritising, remediation tracking, and analysing of multi-tool security risks, and integrating it into one simple platform of shareable reports.

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5X faster decision with the all-in-one dashboard, which is easy to use and action.

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One cohesive platform to combine all your application security risks with thorough analysis and reporting

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Automated scanning of multi-channel integrations as opposed to manual intervention and tool management

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Prioritizing for remediating vulnerabilities and minimizing risks

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Minimizing the teams utilization through intelligent orchestration, workflows, automation and dashboards

Seamless Security Management
Anytime, Anywhere

Patented approach on risk prioritisation, correlation and integrated analysis accessible from anywhere

Experience Application Security Management End-to-End

A centralised posture management tool to offer an organisation-wide perspective on application security risks.


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